Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.

NSW Planning & Environment legislation states that all homeowners are required to have at least one working smoke alarm on every level of their premises. This legislation extends to any premise where people sleep including caravans, holiday homes and motorhomes. Smoke alarms can be hard wired or battery operated, as long as they comply with the Australian Standard (AS) 3786–1993, Smoke Alarms (this should be displayed on the products packaging).

However it should be noted that NSW legislation provides for a minimum level of protection. Fire & Rescue NSW recommends owners and occupants consider higher levels of protection. Jervis Bay Electrical can help give you peace of mind by hard wiring your smoke alarms – meaning you don’t have worry about the batteries running out. This is a great option for rental properties.

A split system is great for cooling down singular rooms or smaller houses. It comprises an indoor unit mounted on a wall with pipes etc running to a corresponding outdoor unit which is usually situated on the other side of the wall. A split system is more conspicuous than a ducted system as the indoor unit is wall mounted and in plain view.

Ducted air conditioning is great at maintaining a constant temperature throughout the entire home or office with even greater control of heating/cooling through zoning systems. Ducted air conditioning uses a centrally located indoor unit with piping etc running to an outdoor unit, with duct work running above or below throughout the home/office to respective registers. Apart from vents and control plates being visible a ducted system is virtually invisible and aesthetically pleasing.

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